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Who We Are

Civil was inspired by thoughtful, mission driven brands. There are many in the market today creating meaningful impact, but achieving a lasting greater good begins with communities. We support the organizations in your town doing lasting, meaningful work, every day.
How Civil.

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Our Products

We sell responsibly sourced 100% bamboo toilet paper. By sharing the profits from a product most of us use every single day everyone can make an impact. We aspire to not compromise on quality, to sell at a price the majority can afford, and to do all of this while respecting our environment.

Our Partners

We partner with organizations in your town focused on education, animal welfare and social services. Find out more about how you can become a partner in your community.

Civil Communities

Our ideal is to support your community without disruption to your routine buying habits. A solid product, a reasonable price, a massive give, organizations you know, respect for the environment, and deep participation in your community.

Have Questions?

Do you want to understand more about how it all works? Or are you interested in joining our mission?